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Account and Project Roles

Ensure that each member on your account has access to the appropriate features and permissions necessary to perform their tasks effectively.

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In Vev, account roles are separate from project roles. Account roles are the roles each member of your account has, which determine their permission level to administer subscriptions, hosting, and which editor they can access.

On the other hand, project roles include the roles a member has in a specific project, whether they are on the same account as the project or invited in as an external collaborator.

Account roles

  • Owner: The one who creates the account will automatically be assigned as the owner of the account. The owner has access to everything on the account apart from draft projects, which are personal projects of the account members.

    If you need to transfer account ownership, please reach out to support, and we can help transfer the ownership to someone else on the account.

  • Admin: As an admin, you have full administration power on the account, much like the owner. In short, you can manage users, hosting options, integrations, subscription and billing details, as well as access to all editors.

  • Member: As a member of the account, you have access to edit projects based on your respective role description. Members are frequent and registered collaborators who have access to all features in your paid plan and can edit and create projects. They can access all or specific teams, and subsequently, the folders and projects within them. As a member, you cannot manage account users, subscriptions, and billing.

    • Designer: Access to all editors.

    • Content: Access projects in folders from the content editor. In your drafts, you can access projects from all editors. (Only available on Organization plan)

    • Developer: Access to all editors. (Only available on Organization plan)

  • Guests: External collaborators on a project are called guests. Guests are not full members of your account, they can only access the particular projects they have been invited to. Within each project, guests can be assigned different permissions to either have full access, edit, or view-only permissions. See project permissions.

Changing account roles

Account roles can be changed under account settings.

  • Select “User” from the menu on the left.

  • Find the member you want to change the role of in the table, and click the three vertical dots next to their name.

  • Select “Change role”.

  • Then, select a new role from the dropdown menu and click “Save”.

This action can only be done by account owners and admins.

Removing members

You can easily remove a member from your account settings.

  • Select “User” from the menu on the left.

  • Click the three vertical dots next to the member's name

  • Select “Remove user”.

  • Finalize it by clicking “Remove user” to confirm.

This action can be done only by account owners and admins.

Removed members will immediately lose access to your account and will be moved to their own Starter account.

Removing guests

To remove a guest's access, go to your account settings:

  • Select “Guest” located in the left menu.

  • Find the guest in the list, and click on the three vertical dots next to their name.

  • Click on "see details" to see a list of the projects the guest has access to and their permission level for each project.

  • From there, you can click on the trash bin icon and confirm the action by clicking "revoke access".

This can be done by account owners, admins, and project owners of each individual project.

Once you remove a guest's access, they will immediately lose access to the project and see a "restricted access" message if they try to access it. This ensures that your project stays secure and is only accessible to authorized individuals.

If you prefer to remove a guest from within a project they have access to, you can do so from within the project itself.

Overview of project roles

Project roles describe the access and permissions different members on your account, including guests, have on any given project.

  • Project owner: Project owners are able to delete, duplicate, and move a project between teams or folders. They are also able to change editing permissions and revoke access to a project. The project owner role is automatically assigned to the person who creates the project, provided they are a member of your account. When external collaborators create projects, project ownership is assigned to the account owner to which the project belongs. Project ownership can be transferred to another user by the current owner.

  • Collaborators can be either members or guests.

    • Members are users on your account who are not admins or owners but have access to the team and/or folder where a project is located. They have full access to the project and the ability to share it with others.

    • Guests, on the other hand, are external collaborators who are invited to work on a project. They have access to all the project content and can use collaborative features, but they are not full members of your account. Guests must be invited to individual projects in order to view and edit them, and they can't be given folder or team access.

Project permissions

When inviting a guest, you can specify their access level to the project upon invitation. On a Starter plan, you can invite others with View-only permission. On a Professional or Organization plan, you can invite unlimited guests with Full, Edit-only, and View-only permissions.

  • Full access: Guests with full access have the ability to edit all Vev editors, embed and publish to a publish destination(s) connected to the project, and share the project with anyone.

  • Edit-only: Guests with edit-only access can edit all Vev editors and share the project with others, but they can't publish or embed the project or manage integrations.

  • View-only: Guests with view-only access can view the project and leave comments, but they can't edit or publish the project.


Do you have Role Based Access Control?

Absolutely! We take security seriously, and our different account roles and project roles ensure that everyone has the access they need to work effectively and securely.

Can we all work on the same project at the same time?

Yes! Vev is a powerful collaboration tool designed to help teams work together seamlessly. As long as you've set up a team and created a folder for your project to live in, everyone with access to that team can work on the project at the same time.

Can I hide a project from someone on my team?

Yes, you can! If you create a project in your draft, only you can see that draft. However, you can invite specific people into that project draft if you want to give access to only certain individuals. Additionally, you can create teams (an organization plan feature) and give access only to specific members on your account, providing you with better control over who can access what on your account.

Can everyone on my account invite users?

No, only account owners and admins can invite others into the account. However, everyone on your account can share a project with whomever they want. We believe in giving our users the power to collaborate and share with ease, while still maintaining strict security measures.

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