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The Content Editor
Navigating the Content Editor
Navigating the Content Editor
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The Content Editor is a powerful tool designed for copywriters and marketers to seamlessly manage and modify the content of their projects without compromising design integrity. Unlike the Design Editor, which focuses on layout and design changes, the Content Editor provides a safe environment for content creators to work efficiently.


  • Add, remove, arrange, and resize sections (based on a template)

  • Change copy (text), images, shapes, videos, links

  • Configure elements


  • Add, remove, reposition, or resize elements

  • Change the style of elements, such as text font and color

Accessing the Content Editor

The Content Editor is accessed:

  1. From the Dashboard:

    • Click on the project card.

  2. From the Design Editor:

    • Click on "Content" in the bottom-left bar.

If you're on the Organization plan which allows for specific roles, Content Editors will automatically enter the project in the Content Editor mode.

The Canvas

The Canvas serves as the limitless surface where you craft your content before it goes live. Key components include:


The rectangle or lense representing the device screen for previewing content on different devices (desktop, tablet, or mobile).

Page Content

Sections and elements are highlighted with blue borders when hovered over.

Edit/Preview Mode

Toggle between modes for selecting and editing elements or previewing the content with full functionality.

Navigation Tips

Explore the Canvas using the following actions:

  • Scroll: Navigate up and down to view the entire page.

  • Zoom In/Out: Hold CMD/CTRL and scroll up/down.

  • Hover: Identify sections and elements by hovering over them.

  • Keyboard Shortcuts:

    • Press 1, 2, and 3 to switch between Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile views.

    • Press P to toggle between Edit and Preview modes.

The Top Bar

Across the top of the Content Editor, you'll find a set of handy buttons:

  • Vev logo: Click to open the project settings

  • Project name: Click to show and edit the project name and the folder it belongs to

  • Pointer: Lets you select the pointer which is the tool that allows you to select a component on the canvas.

  • Comments: Open the comments panel to see all the comments on your project, and allows you to add comments directly on the canvas.

  • Preview: Toggles Preview mode on and off in the Canvas. Pressing P has the same effect

  • Publish: Takes you to Publish Settings (See Hosting)

Page Settings

On the right side of the Content Editor, you'll find page settings where you can:

  • Set meta settings (page name, image, description).

  • Change the page status.

  • Edit the page path.

Content panel

On the left side panel you have the option to change the view and access tools such as:

  • Page overview and content layers. Drag and rearrange the sections as you'd like.

  • Image library: Manage your images by uploading, removing and editing image description and title. Or search through our royalty free images through the search bar.

  • Video library: Manage your videos by uploading via URL or locally on your computer.

  • Shape library: Manage your icons and shapes. Search through our integrated shapes library from Font Awsome.

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