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Sharing a Project

Share your Vev projects with external collaborators

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Ready to streamline your team’s creative collaboration? Vev makes it super easy to invite external stakeholders to individual projects so you can work together in real-time — whether you want to pull in a colleague from another team or folder on your account, or invite an external contractor.

With different permission levels, you can share your work safely with complete creative control. This article provides a step-by-step guide to sharing a project with someone outside of your account, explains the different editing rights for each permission level, and shows you how to set and manage permissions.

Sharing a project in Vev with externals

How to share a project

Provided you are the project owner or a member of the company account, open the project you want to share and head to the “Share” button at the top right of the canvas. Simply enter the email for the person you want to invite and choose their project permission level. Once shared, they will receive an email with a link to your project and a notification in the notification center on the dashboard.

  • For existing Vev users on other accounts, this link will take them directly to your project. They can also find a link to the project from the notification center on their dashboard in Vev.

  • For non-existing users, the link will take them to a sign-up screen where they can create a free account. Once they’ve completed a short onboarding flow, they’ll be directed to your shared project.

Managing guests and permissions

Permissions allow you to safely assign the level of editing rights someone has in a project — so you don’t have to worry about someone accidentally publishing your project or moving things around if you don’t want them to.

When inviting a guest to your project, you have a few different access permissions to choose from. If you are on a Starter plan, you can invite others with View-only permission. On a Professional or Organization plan, you can invite unlimited guests with Full, Edit-only, and View-only permissions.

  • Full access

    • Guests have full edit permissions across all Vev editors, including the option to embed and publish to a publish destination(s) connected to the project, and to share the project with anyone.

  • Edit-only

    • Guest have full edit permissions across all Vev editors and are able to share the project with others, but they can’t publish or embed the project or manage integrations.

  • View-only

    • Guests can view the project and leave comments but are not able to edit or publish the project.

Here’s a full overview of what people on different permissions levels can do:

Project owner


Full access

Can edit

Can view

Preview project



Share project


Manage publish destinations

Duplicate project

Move project

Delete project

Transfer project ownership

Changing permissions

While specific permissions are assigned when sharing a project, you can change them at any point from the dropdown menu next to the guest’s name in the sharing modal. See the different guest permissions here. This action can be done by:

  • Project owners

  • Full-access guests

  • Account owners

  • Account admins

Removing guests

You can easily remove a guest from any project by heading to the sharing modal. Just click the “remove user” option in the dropdown menu next to the guest’s name. This action can be done by:

  • Project owners

  • Full-access guests

  • Account owners

  • Account admins

Removed guests will immediately lose access to your project and will see a “restricted access” message if they try to access it.

You can also remove users from account settings.

Leave project as a guest

If you have been invited into a project as a Guest and want to remove yourself from it, just head to the project’s share modal. Next to your name, select “Leave project” from the dropdown menu. You will automatically lose access, receiving a “restricted access” message if you try to access the project link.

Managing guests

You can also manage guest permissions from account settings. A new menu item will be available from the account settings called “Guests”, where you can find an overview of the names, emails, and project access rights of all guests.

From the project overview, editing permissions and revoking access can be done by:

  • Project owner

  • Account owner

  • Account admin

Assigning project roles

Project roles describe the access and permissions different people on your account — including guests — have on any given project.

Project owner

Project owners are able to delete, duplicate, and move a project between teams or folders. They are also able to change editing permissions and revoke access to a project. The project owner role is automatically assigned to the person who creates the project, provided they are a member of your account. When external collaborators create projects, project ownership is assigned to the overall account to which the project belongs.

Project ownership can be transferred to another user by the current owner.

Collaborators (both members and guests)

  • Members

All users on your account that are not admins or owners are called members. Members that have access to the team and/or folder that a project lives within are able to access it. They will, therefore, not need to be invited to the project to get access. By default, members have full access to projects and permission to share it with anyone.

  • Guests

External collaborators on a project are called guests. Guests ****are external and occasional collaborators who can collaborate on shared projects when invited by email. They have access to all the project content, retain access to the project in their dashboard, and can use collaborative features. Guests can access particular projects but they are not full members of your account. Guests are named and visible on the project since they have to log in to access it.

Guest can't be given folder or team access. They must be invited to individual projects in order to view and edit them.

Transferring project ownership

Need to hand over a project to someone else? Not a problem. Head to your dashboard and select “transfer ownership” from the action list against the project, providing you are:

  • Current project owner

  • Account admin

  • Account owner

Once selected, you can choose a new owner from a list of account members. A confirmation modal of the action will appear — just approve this and you’re done.

The previous project owner will be assigned “edit only” permission once ownership is transferred since there can only be one project owner at a time.

Note: the project will stay in the same location once ownership is transferred.

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