How to Move a Project
Easily move your project across your different workspaces
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In Vev, you can easily move your projects from one workspace to another. For example, you can start and work on a project in your drafts folder (which is your personal workspace) and later easily move it to a shared workspace.

You can move a project either in the workspace folder or while editing the project in any of the editors.

Note: You can only move projects to workspaces you have access to

⚙️Move your project from the workspace folder

  • Open the workspace where the desired project exists

  • Click on the three dots (⠇) at the bottom right of the project card you want to move to access its settings

  • Click Move to Workspace and select the workspace you want to move the project from the list of available workspaces from the dropdown menu

⚙️Move your project via project settings in editors

  • Open the project

  • Click on the Project name on the top-left, and the project’s workspace will be revealed.

  • Use the dropdown menu on the workspace name to select the workspace you want to move the project to

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