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Embedding Vev Content
Embed Vev content in WooCommerce
Embed Vev content in WooCommerce

Enhance your products with cutting-edge interactive content

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Want a cutting-edge WooCommerce site that does your products justice? Vev's "Embed Anything" feature lets you plug advanced interactive content made in Vev directly into your WooCommerce projects—from video backgrounds and parallax effects, to micro-animations, 3D objects, and beyond.

Let's walk through exactly how embedding Vev content into your WooCommerce product descriptions works.

  • Head to your WooCommerce Dashboard

  • Click "Products"

  • Select the product you want to enhance with Vev content and click "Edit"

  • Your product description will be displayed

  • The "Visual" tab is selected by default to add your description right away, but we'll need to select the "Text" tab which lets you enter any HTML scripts

  • Paste your Vev embed code to your desired location
    Note: We've added a line break (by adding <br>) to create space between the description text and our Vev content

  • Save, Preview and Publish

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