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Learn how to embed Vev content into your WordPress site

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Looking for an easier way to add interactivity and animation to your WordPress content? With Vev’s “Embed Anywhere” feature, you can—all without fiddly plug-ins, extensive coding, and developer costs.

Just create your content in Vev—from modular quizzes and forms, through to advanced scrollytelling pieces, video sections, custom animations, and parallax effects—and embed it directly into any WordPress page. Let’s walk through how to embed Vev content into your WordPress site.

Get the embed code for your Vev project

Once you’ve finished creating your content in Vev:

  • Click on the Publish icon in the top right

  • Check the Embed your site anywhere box

  • Click the Get embed code link

  • Copy the embed code
    If you want your content to appear full-width on your WordPress site, check the Ensure embed fills width of screen box

You’re all set! Your Vev embed code is ready to be used in WordPress.

There is another way to get the embed code for your Vev project.

After you publish your content in Vev:

  • Click the Vev icon on the top-left corner

  • Hover over File to see more options

  • Click Embed

  • Find and click the Copy the embed code option

As above, you’re good to go!

Enrich your WordPress site by embedding Vev content

  1. Go to the page in your WordPress site where the Vev embed is needed

  2. Add a Custom HTML block

  3. Paste in the Vev embed code

  4. Save the page and preview the changes

Tip: You can paste the same Vev embed code as often as you like, should you want to use a certain piece of Vev content multiple times on your site.

Vev WordPress Plugin

If you want to take over the Header & Footer element after you paste in your Embed code in the Custom HTML block, click “Page” on the right side of the Gutenberg editor and choose “Vev page” under Template. Click Preview to double-check the result. If it looks as good as you wanted, click Update to publish your WordPress page integrated with Vev content!


Depending on your project plan, you may see the Vev watermark on your design. Add a Project plan for $7.00 USD/ month to remove this from your project.

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