Embed Vev content in Wix

Embed Vev content on Wix and bring life to your ideas

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Want to create more interesting, unique content that goes beyond Wix’s design templates? With Vev’s “Embed Anywhere” feature, it’s easy to add immersive content and advanced animations into any Wix site.

Vev’s web design platform offers different features that can bring life to your ideas. The readymade design components like image parallax, horizontal scroll, customizable animations makes your content look amazing.

In this article, we will see how these Vev features can be embedded in your Wix webpage.

Get the embed code for your Vev project

Once you’ve finished creating your content in Vev:

  • Click on the Publish icon in the top right

  • Check the Embed your site anywhere box

  • Click the Get embed code link

  • Copy the embed code
    If you want your content to appear full-width on your Wix site, check the Ensure embed fills width of screen box

You’re all set! Your Vev embed code is ready to be pasted into Wix.

There is also another way to get the embed code for your Vev project.

After you publish your content in Vev:

  • Click the Vev icon on the top-left corner

  • Hover over File to see more options

  • Click Embed

  • Find and click the Copy the embed code option

As above, you’re good to go!

Paste your Vev embed code into Wix

  1. Find the Wix site you want to edit

  2. Add a section where you want to embed Vev content

  3. From the left menu, click the Add Elements icon

  4. Select Embed Code and then Embed HTML

  5. A window will open where you can paste the Vev embed code in full HTML

  6. Once your embedded Vev content appears, adjust section height and width as needed

Note: Full HTML includes <head> and <body> tags with the embed code within the <body> tag.

Note #1: You will only have to perform this embed once for it to work. Every time you publish changes to your Vev content, your Wix site will get updated as well.

Note #2: You need to publish your Vev project to see your embedded content. The following warning message will appear if you copy the embed code without publishing your project.


Depending on your project plan, you may see the Vev watermark on your design. Add a Project plan for $7.00 USD/ month to remove this from your project.

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