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How to Manage Integrations at a Folder Level
How to Manage Integrations at a Folder Level
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Integrations are a great way to enhance the functionality of all projects within your folders from one convenient place. By installing integrations, you can connect your folders to third-party plugins to add tracking and other useful functionality. See all integrations here.

How to Add Integrations

  1. Access Folder Settings

    • Navigate to the folder where you wish to add an integration.

    • Click on the Settings icon next to the folder name to open the folder settings menu.

  2. Install the Integration

    • Within the folder settings, select the Integrations tab.

    • Browse the list of available integrations.

    • Click Install next to the integration you wish to add, and follow any prompts to log in or grant permissions.

  3. Manage the Integration

    • After installation, manage the integration through the Integrations tab.

    • Enable or disable the integration as needed.

    • Adjust specific settings to tailor its functionality.

    • Uninstall the integration if necessary by selecting the uninstall option.

Note: Keep in mind that integrations that you apply at a folder level, by default, will be applied to all corresponding projects that nest within that hosting.

Once you are on the Folder Settings page, click "Integrations" on the top right and you will see a list of integrations in an order of "Installed", "Popular", and "Browse All". Click "Browse All" and search the integrations that you would like to install.

Note: You can always revisit this page to make any changes to the settings of the installed integrations.

Integrations Page under the Workspace Settings

Integrations Page under the Folder Settings

For this example, let's type in "Favicon" and click the Favicon card.

Once you are inside the Favicon page, click “Install Integration” and configure settings required. Note that you need to configure these settings before you publish your projects; otherwise, the integration will not be applied.

How to Remove the Integration

To remove the integration:

  1. Go back to the Folder settings page

  2. Choose “Integrations”

  3. Click the “Installed” tab to find the integration that you would like to remove.

  4. Click “Settings” and “Remove Integration” buttons to successfully remove it.

You can always re-install the integration with the same steps illustrated above.

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