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Managing Hosting-Level Integrations
Managing Hosting-Level Integrations
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Integrations at the hosting level can significantly enhance the workflow of your team by applying and managing integrations from one place.

Note: Keep in mind that integrations that you apply at a hosting level, by default, will be applied to all corresponding folders and projects that nest within that hosting.

Installing an Integration

  1. Navigate to Account settings > Hosting. Click on the Hosting tab located on the right side of the settings menu.

  2. Upon selecting your desired domain address, click on Integrations in the top navigation menu.

  3. Use the Browse All tab or the search filter to find the integration you want to install. Click integrations card to open its details.

  4. Click Install Integration.

  5. Configure the necessary settings as required. It’s important to configure these settings before publishing your projects to ensure the integration is properly applied.

Removing an Integration

If you need to remove an integration:

  1. Access the Installed Integrations:

    • Return to the hosting settings and select Integrations.

    • Click on the Installed tab to view all currently installed integrations.

  2. Uninstall the Integration:

    • Find the integration you wish to remove.

    • Click Settings and then Remove Integration to uninstall it.

You can reinstall the integration at any time following the same steps described above.

Important notes

  • Changes made at the hosting level will propagate to all projects and folders under that domain, enhancing consistency across your platform.

  • Ensure you configure integration settings before going live with your projects to avoid any disruptions in functionality.

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