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Managing Integrations from Publish Destinations
Managing Integrations from Publish Destinations

You not only get a list of publish destinations connected to your account but also a list of integrations installed to each endpoint.

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Effectively managing your integrations at different levels in Vev can significantly enhance your teams' workflow. Here’s how you can manage these integrations from the publish destinations inside a project.

Accessing Publish Destinations

To begin managing your integrations:

  1. Navigate to Publish Settings:

    • Click on the Publish button or access it through the Publish > Destinations route in the settings, which can be found by clicking the Vev logo.

  2. View Integrations:

    • Click on Show Integrations to get a detailed overview of all integrations related to the current publish destination.

Adding New Integrations

To add a new integration to a publish destination:

  • Click Add integrations visible in the overview section.

  • Ensure that all required settings are correctly filled in to activate the integration effectively. If you encounter issues or are not ready to activate the integration, disable it temporarily using the three dots menu, adjust the settings, and then re-enable it for publishing.

Note: Keep in mind that you must fill in valid settings for the integration to come into effect as otherwise, you will not be able to publish the project. You can temporarily choose to disable the integration by clicking three dots, and later fill in the settings and re-publish.

Understanding Integration Labels

Each label on your integration dashboard provides vital information about the status of your integrations:

  • Inherits from Hosting (in blue): Settings are inherited from the hosting level, applying to all projects within that hosting.

  • Inherits from Folder (in blue): Settings are inherited from the folder level, affecting all nested projects.

  • Disabled (in grey): The integration is currently inactive. Click the three dots to enable it again.

  • Invalid Settings (in red): Critical settings are missing or invalid, preventing project publication. Adjust the settings or disable the integration temporarily by clicking the three dots and selecting Disable.

Modifying Integrations

You can edit, remove, or disable integrations directly from this dashboard:

  • Click the three dots next to any integration to open a menu allowing you to edit, remove, or disable the integration.

Note: The remove and disable options are not available for Vev Essentials.

How to Reset Integrations

If you need to change an integration setting previously configured at a higher level:

  1. Edit Settings:

    • Click edit next to the integration. For instance, if changing a password set at the folder level, enter a new password here.

  2. Undo Changes:

    • To revert any changes, click reset to restore the original configuration.x

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