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Understanding Integrations in Vev
Understanding Integrations in Vev

Learn how the integrations' hierarchy works in Vev.

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Before diving in, it’s important to understand that integrating third-party tools like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager involves direct interaction with external service providers. We strongly recommend reviewing each provider's Privacy Policy and Terms of Use to ensure their services align with your requirements.

How Integrations Work in Vev

In Vev, integrations follow a top-down approach, meaning settings applied at a higher level cascade down to affect all subordinate elements within the system.

For instance, integrating Google Analytics at a hosting level (e.g., on your domain, all folders and its projects where you add the hosting will automatically inherit the Google Analytics Tracking ID. This hierarchical logic ensures that integrations at the folder level will only impact projects underneath that workspace, while project-level integrations remain confined to their specific projects without influencing broader hosting or folder settings.

Implementing Hosting-Level Integrations

Integrations applied at the hosting level automatically propagate to all associated folders and projects. Here’s how to set up a hosting-level integration:

  1. Access the Hosting Settings:

    • Navigate to the dashboard and click on the top-right menu.

    • Select "Hosting" and choose your desired hosting from the list.

    • Click on "Integrations" at the top of the page.

    • Select "Browse all" on the left side to view available integrations.

  2. Install the Integration:

    • Find the integration you need and click on it.

    • Scroll down and click "Install."

    • Configure the integration settings as required. If you need assistance, do not hesitate to contact our support team.

Finally, set your integration as you need. Contact support if you are unsure about how you should configure a certain integration.

Customizing Settings for Folders or Projects

If you need to use a different Tracking ID for a specific folder or project after setting up Google Analytics at the hosting level, you can customize the integration settings at a more granular level:

  1. Modify Folder or Project Integrations:

    • Navigate to the integrations settings of your chosen Folder or Project.

    • Assign the specific Tracking ID or other integration settings without overriding existing configurations at higher levels.

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