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Editing Text in the Content Editor
Editing Text in the Content Editor

Learn how to edit your textboxes in the Content Editor.

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The Content Editor is a valuable tool for anyone who works with content. It allows you to easily edit text without worrying about the design, so you can focus on creating amazing content for your audience.

Editing Text

  1. Hover over your text

  2. Click on Edit content

Your textbox will switch to edit mode and you'll be able to change your text.

Text Styling Options

In-line Toolbar

In-line formatting allows you to style certain parts of your text like you would in your favorite writing tool.

These are the available options:

Format your text

  • Hover over your text

  • Click on Edit content

  • Highlight the specific text you want to edit

  • Use the in-line formatting options to edit your text

Text Tags

When selecting a text box you can change the text tag from the top bar. Ensuring your project is using appropriate header tags is important for SEO. After selecting a text tag

you will be able to change the styling options from the style panel on the right-hand side.

These are the available options:

  • Paragraph

  • Header 1

  • Header 2

  • Header 3

  • Header 4

  • Header 5

  • Header 6

  • Quote

  • Bullet List

  • Numbered List

  • Table

You and/or the designers on your team may be tempted to create a text box for each type of text, e.g. headings, body, etc. While you may get the results you want visually, we highly recommend that you avoid that and instead keep text grouped together while changing the markup within.

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