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Learn how to add text styles and markups to your project

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Text is an essential part of any design, and it's important to consider text structure and hierarchy as you build your site. Here we'll run through how to add various text styles and markups to your Vev project, as well as how to style them with SEO optimization in mind.

Adding text elements in Vev

Add a Text Element

There are several ways to add text to your canvas: from the top menu and from inside the add menu or simply using the shortcut T. 🤗

From the Top Menu

  1. Navigate to the top menu

  2. Select the 'T' icon

  3. Click and drag onto your canvas

From the Add menu

  1. From the left menu, click the Add button (Shortcut: M)

  2. Search for and select Text

  3. Click and drag onto your canvas

Note: The height for text elements is set to 'Auto' by default. This means your text box will automatically resize to fit your content. To change the default setting, click on the text element and change the height (H) to pixels or percentage.

Selecting Text Tags

When selecting a text box you can change the text tag from the top bar. Ensuring your project is using appropriate header tags is important for SEO. After selecting a text tag

you will be able to change the styling options from the style panel on the right-hand side.

Text tag options

  • Paragraph

  • Header 1

  • Header 2

  • Header 3

  • Header 4

  • Header 5

  • Header 6

  • Quote

  • Bullet List

  • Numbered List

  • Table

Text Style Editor

First, select the text box on your canvas to reveal the options from the style panel on the right. Options are organized by header tags and text type (H1, H2, paragraph, etc.). Click on the text tag you want to style to open the text style editor as shown in the screenshot below.

Style options


Font family

Select the font


Set the weight of your text


Set the position of your text

Letter case


Set the size of your text in pixels, ems, or vw. Tip: viewport width allows your text to be automatically responsive; decreasing or increasing relative to the size of the viewer's screen.

Line height

Set text line height in pixels, ems, or vw.

Letter spacing

Set the space between letters in pixels, ems, or vw.

Word spacing

Set the space between words in pixels, ems, or vw


Set the fill to be a color, image, or gradient.

Tip: Building content that could benefit from a shared text design system?
​Check out how to create Shared Styles in Vev.

In-line formatting text

In-line formatting of your text allows you to bold or italicize certain parts of the text like you would in your favorite writing tool.

Format your text

  1. Double-click on the text element

  2. Highlight the specific text you want to edit

  3. Use the in-line formatting options to edit your text

How to use the AI Text Generator

With AI capabilities, your writing process becomes more efficient and effective, allowing you to focus on crafting compelling content. Learn how to use it here.

Adding Fonts

Check out our article on adding fonts to your project.

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