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Changing Shapes in the Content Editor
Changing Shapes in the Content Editor

Easily switch between default and custom shapes.

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In the Content Editor, you can easily switch between default and custom shapes.

Change to a default shapes

Change to shapes provided by Vev by default and any custom shapes you've added before:

  1. Access the shape menu:

    • Double-click on an existing shape element. Alternatively, click the "Edit Content" tag that appears when hovering over any previously added shape.

  2. Choose from the shape menu:

    • This opens up the shape menu on the left side bar. Scroll through default options in the shape menu, or use the search box located on the top of the menu.

  3. Click the icon you want to change to in the menu and you're done!

Upload your own SVG

  1. From within the shape menu, select the upward arrow in the upper right corner

  2. This opens up your local files, select the custom shape you want to upload,

  3. That's it! Your new shape is now available for use throughout your project.

Note: The shape feature supports SVG format only, ensuring optimal performance with its low weight and compatibility with most modern browsers.

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