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Provide visual indicators about project page progress

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Page status provides a visual indicator about the status of your project pages. The colored dot on the left of the page name will indicate the page’s publishing status.

  • Ready

  • In progress

  • On hold

  • Needs review

Pages with Ready status will be published when the project when the project is published to your domain.

Pages with In progess, On hold, or Needs review will be visible when published to your staging domain, but will not be visible on your publish destination.

Page status and your staging domain

The best way to share progress with someone before publishing is by using the staging domain, which comes free with all Vev accounts. It's not indexed by search engines, making it ideal for testing, versioning up, and sharing your project with clients or colleagues.

When the site is published to the staging domain, the page status badge (in progress, on hold, needs review) will appear in the lower left hand corner of the page. This makes it easy to share projects with colleagues and clients while letting them know the status of project pages.

Note: A page status badge will not appear for pages marked as Ready.

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