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Discover a variety of hosting options tailored to meet your content deployment needs.

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Introduction to Vev Hosting Options

Vev is highly flexible, and the content generated when you click "publish" can be served from anywhere on the web. This gives you the freedom to choose the hosting option that best suits your needs and preferences.

Standard Hosting

Standard Hosting is the quickest and most commonly used hosting option. This means we’ll host your content on our rock-solid high performing CDN. It’s quick to set up, and will only require you to point your domain to us in order to work.

If you have your regular website or platform on, you can still set up a Standard Hosting and host Vev content on a subdomain such as By doing this, you can keep your main website separate and use Vev to create engaging and interactive content for your audience.


SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) and FTP (File Transfer Protocol) are similar hosting options that allow you to upload your website files directly to a web server. This gives you more control over your website's hosting environment and is recommended for advanced users who are comfortable with managing their own website hosting.


AWS S3 (Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Service) is a cloud storage solution that is highly scalable and reliable. This hosting option is ideal for websites that have high traffic and require fast loading speeds. It also offers advanced security features and is suitable for businesses that deal with sensitive data.


Our Webhook integration streamlines website publishing by automating the process when you finish building your Vev project. A webhook — triggered by an HTTP POST request — contains HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files for publishing. This data is sent to a webhook receiver, which can be an application or service responsible for handling the publishing process.

Once set up, webhooks automate publishing, saving time and effort compared to manual methods.

Other options to export your project

ZIP Download

The ZIP Download hosting option allows you to download your website files as a compressed ZIP folder. This is useful if you want to make backups of your website, host offline, testing purposes or migrate it to a different hosting platform.

Embed Anywhere

With the Embed Anywhere hosting option, you can publish your website on any platform or website that supports embedding. This is perfect for those who want to showcase their Vev website on multiple platforms without the hassle of manually uploading the files.

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