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Embed code from an external platform.

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The Embed Anything element supports embedding HTML or iFrames. You can add it as a section and element. It's most commonly used to integrate forms, surveys, and quizzes, but you can include any external code that's supported.

🌟 Tip: Hiding the Element to test if it's leading your content to crash when you publish it's an effective practice to see if the Embed Anything is causing your content to break.

Adding your embed code

  • Double-click the Embed Anything element

  • Paste your HTML code in the 'Embed HTML' field

The content will only be displayed in preview mode and on the published site.

Note: Ensure the inserted code has the correct syntax and character set. Pasting with CTRL + SHIFT + V to escape any markup may be helpful. Check that all characters used are UTF-8 and quotes are either " or ', where some places embed codes might get a quotation mark which causes some issues.

Configuration options

You have a few settings you can toggle on if needed. What each of them do are described in the table below.


Contains the embed code within its browser instance.

Static HTML

Disables any scripts from the embedded code, and puts it directly in the DOM.

Allow inner scroll

Adds a scrollbar if the embedded content is larger than the embed container.

Styling the Embed Anything element

As a section

  • Spacing top: Add padding to the top of the Embed Anything section in pixels or % to keep spacing between sections

  • Spacing bottom: Add padding to the bottom of the Embed Anything section in pixels or % to keep spacing between sections

  • Width: The width of an Embed Anything section can't be altered, it'll always be set to cover the 100%

  • Height: Set the height of the Embed Anything section in Pixels, % or set it to Auto so that it adjusts to the inner content

  • Min H: Sets the minimum amount of height pixels an Embed Anything section can be. A red stippled horizontal line inside your section will reflect the minimum height

  • Clip content: Toggle to hide the content that goes beyond the section's edges

  • Resize to fill vertically: Click to set the section's height to 100%

Aspect Ratio

Specifying and locking the aspect ratio of an Embed Anything element will allow you to adjust and resize it but still maintain the overall relationship between height and width.

🌟 Tip: Right-click the aspect lock to open up a menu of popular aspect ratios.

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