Add a simple form to your project using the Embed Anything element.

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Vev creates static websites, meaning that data submissions cannot be stored or processed through Vev's native elements. If you require forms to collect submissions for analysis, you'll need to utilize a third-party service provider. With our Embed Anything component, you can seamlessly integrate external forms into your Vev project. Learn how to use this feature and embed various form service providers below.

Form service providers

There are a variety of different service providers that allow you to embed forms onto web pages. Vev provides built-in support for popular form providers, including
โ€‹Google Forms, Mailchimp, HubSpot Forms, and Marketo Forms.

In addition to our built-in form integrations, you can also embed forms from any other third-party provider of your choice. Simply obtain the embed code from your preferred form provider and paste it into the "Embed Anything" component within your Vev project.

Note: Once you embed your code in the Embed Anything component, please click Preview to see your form in action!

Troubleshooting Forms Integration

Here are some troubleshooting tips:

  1. Check embed code: Ensure that you've copied the correct embed code from your form provider and that it's compatible with our "Embed Anything" component.

  2. Verify permissions: Double-check the permissions and settings of your form provider to ensure that embedding is enabled for the specific form you're trying to integrate.

  3. Test on different devices: Test the embedded form on various devices and browsers to ensure compatibility and responsiveness.

  4. Review documentation: Consult the documentation provided by your form provider for any specific guidelines or requirements when embedding forms on external platforms.

Limitations of Embedding Forms in Vev

While embedding forms using the "Embed Anything" component offers great flexibility, there are some limitations to be aware of:

  • Design customization: Unlike other components in Vev where you can customize the design within the platform when embedding forms, you cannot directly adjust the form's design within Vev. Design customization must be done through the form provider's platform.

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