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HubSpot form

Embed HubSpot forms directly into your Vev project.

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Capture information from website visitors, converting them into leads by integrating your Hubspot forms in Vev.

Getting the HubSpot IDs

  1. Open your forms in HubSpot and click 'Edit' on the form you want to embed.

  2. Press the 'Embed' button on the top right side.

  3. Select the 'Embed code' tab.

  4. Locate and copy the 'portalId' and 'formId' in the embed code.

Configuring the HubSpot form

  1. Double-click on the HubSpot component on the canvas.

  2. Head over to the Properties tab on the right side.

  3. Insert your Portal ID and Form ID into the appropriate fields.

Styling the HubSpot form

Styling a HubSpot Form can currently only be done from HubSpot. Learn more in their Knowledge Base.

Adding a 'Success' / 'Thank you' page

  1. Go to 'Options' for your form In HubSpot.

  2. Select the 'Redirect to another page' option.

  3. Set the page option to a URL or a sub-page in your current project with the path thank-you set.

  4. Click 'Add'.

Users will be redirected to your 'Thank you' page after submitting the form.


If you are having issues loading your form, please make sure you only have one instance of the same form on the same page.

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