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Vev is a collaborative cloud-based platform for creating your wildest ideas on the web; spanning websites, landing pages, reports, presentations, and beyond. Offering no-code and code flexibility, we empower technical and non-technical teams to publish amazing things together.

Designers can visually build digital content using the Design Editor, writers can edit text and imagery with no risk of breaking layouts using the Content Editor, and developers can build custom React components and interactive elements directly inside Vev using the Code Editor.

Ready to kick the tires? Start from a blank canvas or browse through our growing library of example projects to fuel your design imagination, or pick one and build from there! Click here to learn more about templates in Vev

Create project page, choose how to start

Managing Projects in Vev

Create teams and workspaces to easily manage your different Vev projects. Workspaces are essentially folders with smart settings where designated teams can work and collaborate within. Your drafts folder serves as your own private workspace, and you can easily move projects between any workspaces you are a part of. Click here to learn more about Teams and Workspaces in Vev

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Collaborating in Vev

We designed Vev to break down creative siloes. Work seamlessly on projects with other team members, designing, editing, and coding in real-time; and share contextual feedback with comments. Add external collaborators or clients into the mix simply by inviting them to join your team or workspace on a specific project. Click here to learn more about Collaborating with Vev

Hosting with Vev

Vev lets you publish your creations anywhere on the web. Either host with us, or connect your CMS to publish content to your existing website with one click. You can also use the Vev staging domain to present, demo, and preview how pages will look on the web—without them being listed.

You can also export your project or copy the script tag and embed it anywhere. This can be especially useful if you’re using Vev to build particular segments for your website, such as banners. Click here to learn more about Hosting with Vev

Integrations in Vev

Want to connect other tools you love with Vev? Install awesome third-party integrations; add and manage tracking pixels, metadata, SEO, and other third-party integrations via user-friendly plugins. Gain valuable insight into their performance; make customizations easily with custom scripts and custom HTML elements. Filter by categories to find what you’re looking for, or browse through our catalog and take your pick. Click here to go see all the integrations in Vev

Don’t see the one you’re looking for? Check out our roadmap and submit your idea!

Listing popular integrations

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