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Google Form

Integrate Google forms in Vev.

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Vev makes it easy to embed Google Forms into your web projects. Simply copy your Google Form's URL and paste it into Vev's Google Form component.

Get the Google Form URL

From your form's overview page:

  1. Click the 'Send' button in the top right corner.

  2. Select the link.

  3. Click on 'Copy'.

Note: Shortened URLs won't work in Vev, so leave this option unchecked.

Configuring the Google Form component

  1. Double-click the Google Form component on the canvas.

  2. Head over to the Properties panel on the right.

  3. Insert the Google Form URL in the 'Google Form URL' field.

Styling the Google Form element

Currently, it's only possible to style your forms directly in Google Forms. Learn more about styling the form in their knowledge base.


If your users are getting the "You have already submitted your response" message from Google, make sure your form has turned the "Limit number of responses" off in Google Forms Settings.

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