Subscriptions in Vev

Access invoices, managing your plan, and update billing details

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Head to your Subscriptions page in Account Settings to get an overview of your plan details, invoice history, and future invoice forecast. You can also adjust your billing details and change or update your default credit card.

Billing forecast

Future subscription costs are available to view in your forecasted invoice. Click on “Upcoming invoice” for a breakdown of your upcoming charges including prorated credits and debits.


Subscription changes, such as adding or removing users, will result in prorated adjustments. For example, if you add a new user to your account between billing cycles, you will only be charged for the time remaining for that user until your next invoice.

Read this article to find common questions and more examples about proration in Vev.

Invoice History

A complete history of your invoices is available under “Invoice History”. Here you can see the billing period, invoice date, status, and amount due. Click the overflow menu on the right to download invoices to save for your records.

Change billing details

The Billing details field gives you an overview of your billing cycle, email, address, and payment method.

Click Edit billing to make changes to your billing information: here you can update your billing email, company name, address, organization ID, and an “additional details” field, as you want them to appear on your invoice. Once your details have been updated, remember to click Save to finalize your changes.

Change payment method

In the Billing information field, you can also replace the default credit card on your account. Once your card details have been updated, check “I accept the Vev Services terms” then hit Save.

Plan Changes

Learn more about upgrades, downgrades, and other plan changes in Managing your Vev Subscription.

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