The billing tab in your Account Settings is where you will find an overview of your billing statements as well as the billing estimate for your upcoming invoice. You may adjust your billing details, and change your payment method, address, or email.


If you make changes to a subscription such as adding or removing hosting instances, this will result in prorated charges. For example, if you add a hosting for $20 you are charged prorated amounts for the time it was added to your account. Assuming the hosting was added halfway through the billing period, you are billed an additional $10: minus $10 for unused time on the initial price, and $20 for the remaining time.

Read this article to find common questions and more examples about proration in Vev.

Billing forecast

We make a cost prediction of your Vev subscription for the next time period, based on your past usage. A breakdown of the price variables is mapped out to give you a clear overview of what you pay for.

Change billing details

Under billing details, click on Edit billing information if you want to make changes to your billing information. Remember to hit Save!

Change payment method

Right next to Edit billing information you click the Add/Replace card to change your payment method.

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