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Editing videos in the Content Editor
Editing videos in the Content Editor
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⚠️ Heads-up! We have a new UI and we’re updating our docs. Your Top Bar will look like you see below.

Step 1 - Double-click a video

Or click “Edit Content”.

Step 2 - Upload a video

… or add from link

The link expected here is for a video file that is hosted on a web server, like this:

Links from video services like YouTube and Vimeo will not work with this option. See the rest of this article to learn how to add such videos.

Step 3 - Set configuration

  • Select a custom poster image

  • Options

    • Start play on visible

    • Loop

    • Mute

    • Show Video controls

    • Lazy load

    • Play/pause on hover

    • No tracking

What about YouTube?

Videos coming from popular video services, such as YouTube, have their own dedicated elements in Vev. You’ll easily recognize such elements when you spot them. They all operate similarly but can have different configuration options.

… and Vimeo?

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