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Project images, videos, and shapes
Project images, videos, and shapes

Get an overview of how you can manage your project assets.

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In the left sidebar, you'll discover the panels for your project images, videos, and shapes. Each of these panels is tailored to its respective asset type. Let's explore how you can efficiently handle your project assets.

Starting from the top of the sidebar, you'll encounter your project images, followed by videos, and finally, shapes.

Searching for images, videos, or shapes

At the top of each panel, you'll find a search bar. Use this feature to locate the asset you need within the selected panel. The search function operates exclusively within the currently active panel.

Uploading an image, video, or shape

Next to the search field, you'll spot the upload button. You can either upload the file by clicking this button or drag and drop it onto the panel for instant upload. Ensure you upload the correct asset type to the corresponding panel.

Supported file types

When uploading files to Vev, make sure they are file types that Vev supports.

Asset type

File type


.png, .jpeg, .webp


.mp4, .wav, .mov



Uploading videos from URLs

For videos, you have the option to use URLs from externally hosted videos. Vev supports .mp4, .ogg, and .webm formats for URL-based videos. Note that this feature is distinct from embedding YouTube or Vimeo videos, for this case we recommend you use Vev components. Learn about our components for third-party video sources.

Tip: Videos with transparent backgrounds are supported using this option.

Editing image meta description

Enhance accessibility and SEO by editing the meta description of your images. Hover over the image card in the project images panel and click the info button. From there, modify the description field as needed.

Using stock images or Font Awesome

In addition to uploading your assets, you can use stock images from Unsplash and Pixabay, as well as icons from Font Awesome. These resources are conveniently accessible within the image or shapes panel, offering a diverse range of options for your projects.

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