Adding a Mailchimp Form

Embed Mailchimp Forms into your Vev projects

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Vev makes it easy to integrate content built in other tools. Embed Mailchimp Forms into your Vev project by simply copying the code of your Mailchimp Forms and inserting it into the element form.

Get your form's embed code

From your dashboard;

  • Click on Create

  • Select Embedded form

  • Set up your form (learn how to do it here)

  • Click Continue in the top-right corner

  • Copy your form's embed code

Add a Mailchimp Form

  • From the top menu bar, click the Add Menu (Shortcut: M)

  • Search for and select Mailchimp Forms

  • Click and drag the element to your canvas

  • Double-click the element

  • Paste your form's embed code

Configuration Options



Move labels from form into fields as placeholders (Experimental)

Toggle to add Mailchimp's default placeholders to your fields.

Turn this off to use the default Mailchimp styling

Toggle to enable style options in the right-side panel.

Style your Mailchimp Form

As mentioned above, you need to toggle on styleWithVev in order to customize your form in Vev. On the right-side panel, you'll find a number of settings that will allow you to style your form as any other element in Vev.

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