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When you view a project in Vev, we add your avatar to the top toolbar and your name on your multiplayer cursor. This allows you to see your own avatar as well as anyone who is currently accessing the project in the top toolbar.

๐Ÿ‘ Observation mode

By clicking a user's avatar, you will enter an "observation mode". Just like a "screen-sharing mode", observation mode allows you to see what's happening on their screen in Vev.

This allows you to follow along with their actions and track each movement they make on the canvas. You won't be able to see actions outside of Design and Content Editors, such as the toolbar, sidebars, or anything outside of the canvas.

To exit the observation mode, you can simply select any object in the canvas or click the avatar once again.

๐Ÿ‘พ Multiplayer cursor

In addition to the avatar, you will also see a cursor indicated with the user's name displaying users' real-time activities within the Canvas.

Note that Implementing 'undo (ctrl + z)' changes only pertain to the individual user's editing history and will not conflict with others.

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