Connect Domain
Connecting your domain with Standard Hosting is the easiest and fastest way for you to publish your content made in Vev. We use Netlify's hosting services for static websites, one of the leading cloud computing companies to make sure that your content is served smoothly and securely.
Note: Vev is not a domain registrar, but you are free to use any DNS provider of your choice to obtain and manage a domain name.
With Standard Hosting you will get:
  • One-click publishing after initial setup
  • Super fast and reliable servers 24/7
  • Unlimited storage (bandwidth limits may apply)
  • Automatically generated and maintained SSL certificates
Note: You can connect to your domain with Standard Hosting even without a paid plan. Just be aware that you will have the Vev watermark on your page unless you pay for a project plan. Learn more.

When to choose Standard Hosting

As a rule of thumb, Standard Hosting is the best option if you want your Vev project to be the primary content accessible on a certain domain or sub-domain.
Company type
Example use
Building its website 100% in Vev, e.g:
  • www.nextbigstartup.com
Designing campaigns on behalf of clients in Vev, where each client will have a separate domain/sub-domain, e.g:
  • www.myfirstclient.com
  • www.mysecondclient.com
  • www.mythirdclient.com
Has its existing website built and hosted outside of Vev but is creating some editorials or special editions in Vev. E.g:
  • www.magazine.com (for non-Vev content)
  • fashion.magazine.com (for Vev content)
Has an existing website outside of Vev but is creating marketing landing pages in Vev, E.g.
  • www.company.com (for non-Vev content)
  • campaign.company.com (for Vev content)

When to not choose Standard Hosting

While Standard Hosting is great for many use cases, it may not be the optimal option if you:
  • Want to see Vev content embedded in your own pages, e.g. banners.
  • Want Vev pages to be accessible through a path on an existing website, e.g. www.magazine.com/sports.
  • Have a complex setup for hosting or need to follow very specific IT policies in your organization.
  • Wish to host Vev content on your own servers.
Luckily, Vev supports a number of integration options to allow you to extract your content and host it as you please, enabling you to achieve all of the above use cases.


  • Does my content published with Standard Hosting ever expire? Your published content stays up as long as your subscription is active.
  • Can I make backups of my own Vev content? You can archive your Vev content by downloading the published files as a ZIP package or transferring them with protocols such as FTP. You can then choose to serve them on your own servers even after your subscription expires.
  • Where is my data stored? Please see our Privacy and Security Statement.