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Account Plans vs. Project Plans
Account Plans vs. Project Plans

Understand the differences

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At Vev, we offer flexible options to suit your needs through our Account Plans and Project Plans. Here’s a detailed breakdown to help you understand the differences and make an informed choice.

Account Plans

Account Plans determine the overall capabilities and access levels for users within your Vev account. These plans are designed to cater to different user groups, from individual creators to large enterprises.

Types of Account Plans

  • Starter Plan: Great for testing Vev and creating initial projects. Use Project Plans for important projects you want to publish without watermarks and extend live time.

  • Professional Plan: Ideal for small to medium teams needing robust collaboration tools and unlimited project creation. Project Plans ensure your projects look professional.

  • Organization Plan: Best for large teams needing advanced features, security, and extensive support. Project Plans complement this by ensuring all your projects can be published watermark-free.

Read a more detailed article about our Account Plans here, or visit our pricing page

Project Plans

Project Plans are specific to individual projects within your account. These plans are designed to enhance your project’s visibility and functionality by removing watermarks and providing continuous live access.

  • Cost: $7/month per project.

  • Removes the Vev watermark from your published projects.

  • Ensures continuous live access without the 1-hour preview limitation (only relevant for Starter plans)

  • Ideal for when you’re ready to present a polished, professional final product.

How They Work Together

Account Plans provide the foundation for your team’s overall capabilities and access to Vev’s features. They determine the scope of your collaboration, support, and advanced functionalities.

Project Plans enhance individual projects by removing watermarks and providing uninterrupted live access, making them essential for presenting professional-grade work.

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