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Create unique 3D experiences in Vev by embedding Spline.

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Spline is a design tool for creating 3D web browser experiences. The Spline component enables you to insert interactive experiences directly into your Vev project. Embedding Spline 3D designs and combining them with Vev features gives you the power to create unique experiences and publish them to the web without any code.

Below, we break down the steps to take for embedding Spline into Vev.

Get the public URL to your Spline file

Before adding Spline into Vev, you will need to find the public URL to your Spline file:

  1. Open your Spline file, and press the “Export” button in the top bar

  2. In the modal, you will find the public URL to your Spline file

  3. Copy this URL by pressing the button “Copy link”

Insert the Spline URL

Once you have retrieved the public URL to your Spline file, you are ready to embed it into Vev by following the steps below.

  • Double-click the Spline component on the canvas.

  • Head over to the Properties tab on the right side of the editor.

  • Paste your public Spline URL in the Spline URL field.

Check Out Our Spline 3D Creation in Vev

Here is a final project 🥳 In the spirit of experimentation, we incorporated 3D mushrooms from the library and created a transition event that makes them grow as you scroll down. We also added a mesmerizing, Apple Vision Pro-like interactive element at the end shared by a community user.

Check out our blog post to learn more about integrating Spline into Vev! 🤩

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