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Global Header & Footer

Global headers and footers are sections that can be applied to all pages on your site.

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What is a header or footer?


Found at the very top of a web page, a header is a key navigational and informational tool for website users—housing a brand’s logo, links to high-priority marketing pages and resources, and often a site search bar.


The heavy-weight counterpart to headers, footers live at the very end of a web page. These often act as a mini site map, structuring key content groups on your domain and providing links to lower-priority pages, as well as offering subscription fields and social media links.

What is a global header and footer?

Global headers and footers are sections that can be applied to all pages on your site. Having a globally applied header or footer on your site can help establish visual continuity and unified brand identity, as well as provide a better user experience through your site.

Opting for a global header and footer also makes it extremely easy to manage these navigational tools as your website structure or content changes.

Setting a section as a header or footer

Luckily, creating a global header or footer in Vev is extremely easy.

First, add a new section or select an existing section on your canvas. You then have two ways to set the section as a header or footer:

  1. In the Layers panel, drag the section into the Header or Footer layer.

  2. When a section is selected, you can select the placement of a section by clicking on either of these buttons: Header, Main, or Footer.

  • Header: The section will be set at the top of the page

  • Main: The section will be set in between the Header and Footer

  • Footer: The section will be set at the bottom of the page

Once you’ve set your section as a header or footer, you can then choose whether it should be applied to all or just a few selected pages.

Editing a header or footer

You can use a header or footer section pretty much in the same way as a standard section, although any changes you make will be visible on every page where it’s set.

Editing permissions

  • Admin/designers: You can set a section to be a header or footer, and choose which pages it should be applied to.

  • Content editors: You may not change the header and footer's positioning or any of its settings. You may, however, edit the text or images, and these modifications will be applied to all or selected pages.


What type of sections can be considered a header or footer?

Any section can be set as a header or footer.

Can I have multiple headers and footers in a project?

Yes, you can have multiple sections as headers or footers, and you are free to change the order of the sections within the header or footer layer.

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