Claiming your staging domain

Publishing to your staging domain

Status badges

The staging domain is the default domain added to your account. It's not indexed by search engines, making it ideal for testing, versioning up, and sharing your project with clients or colleagues.

Claiming your staging domain

You'll be able to claim it when publishing a project for the first time. Follow the steps below to claim your staging domain.

From the editor;

  • Click the Publishing Button to open the Publishing modal

  • Enter your domain name

  • Click save my space to confirm and claim your URL

The staging domain will now be listed in your Publishing modal.

Tip: This can’t be changed later, so make sure to choose a name that is relevant to your business. E.g your company or team name. Contact support if you really need to change it.

Publishing to your staging domain

From the editor;

  • Click the Publishing to open the Publishing Modal

  • Locate your staging domain, ending with

  • Make sure the domain is checked off

  • Hit Publish project

  • The URL will be active, and you can now click to open the site in a new tab.

Status badges

On the staging domain, you are able to publish all pages of a project regardless of page status.

A badge in the lower right corner on the published page to inform page status

  • In Progress

  • Needs Review

  • On Hold

When a page is marked as Ready, there is no badge.

Tip: If pages are not marked as Ready, they will not be published to your custom domains or destinations. This is only on the staging domain.

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