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Managing Sections in the Content Editor
Managing Sections in the Content Editor
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The Content Editor provides you with the flexibility to add, resize, and remove sections, giving you greater control over your project's layout.

Adding a Section

If your project is template-based, follow these steps to add a section:

  1. Move your cursor to the intersection between two sections on the Canvas.

  2. Click "Add section".

  3. Choose a section from the Template:

    • A panel on the right will display available section types from the template.

    • Click through the sections to see how they will look on the Canvas.

  4. Click "Insert" to add the chosen section.

Rename a Section

  1. Double-click the section in the layers panel on the left

  2. Enter the new name for the section.

  3. Hit enter or click outside to save.


Organizing sections

  • In the layers panel on the left, click on the section and hold

  • Drag it to place in the order you prefer in the layer section.

Resize a section

  • Hover over the edge of the section until you see a thicker blue see-through line.

  • Click and hold, and move the cursor up or down to resize it

Note: You won't be able to scale the section down if it has a min-height set in the design editor.

Delete a section

  • Hover over the section

  • Click on the trash icon

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