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Feature a slideshow gallery of all your chosen images

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An image slideshow is a versatile tool that enables you to display multiple images within a single area on your webpage. This feature is especially useful for showcasing a variety of visual content without consuming additional space on the page. By cycling through a sequence of images, slideshows keep the layout clean and organized while engaging visitors with dynamic content. You can customize the transition effects, duration, and order of images to create a seamless and visually appealing presentation. Whether you're highlighting product photos, event snapshots, or portfolio pieces, an image slideshow enhances your site's aesthetics and functionality, offering a rich visual experience without compromising on space.

Adding a Slideshow in Vev

Note: If you feel that the Slideshow doesn't offer enough customization options, we recommend using the Slider component instead. It will enable you to unleash your creativity and tailor it to your specific needs.

Uploading an Image

  • Double-click the slideshow

  • Click Image (+)

  • Select Add image or choose an image from one of our free stock images libraries

Configuration Options

Once you've added the Slideshow to your canvas, it's time to upload your image assets and adjust the configurations.
To start, double-click the element to open the configuration options.




Add and arrange the sequence of your slideshow images.

Transition Animation

The animation transitions between the sequence of images when the slideshow is playing.

Hide dots

Optionally show or hide the navigation dots from the slideshow layout.

Hide arrows

Optional show or hide the previous/next arrows from the slideshow layout.

Add timer

Turns on autoplay - automatically skip to the next slide in the slideshow after a specified interval.

Time in seconds

The interval is used to control the speed of the slideshow when autoplay is activated (when the add timer option is turned on).

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