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Shapes and Icons
Add preset shapes or custom SVGs to your project
Whether it's basic icons, shapes, or custom SVGs, you can use the shape element to add them to your canvas.
In this lesson:
  • Adding Shapes and Icons
  • Styling Shapes and Icons
  • Uploading a Custom SVG

Adding Shapes and Icons

Add a Shape Element from the Add Menu on the top bar. Then, drag the element to your desired size and position on your canvas.
To add a shape:
  • Navigate to the Add Menu on the top-bar
  • Find and select the Shape element
  • Click and drag onto your canvas
  • Double click the element to browse icons and basic shapes
Note: Vev's Shapes and Icons come preloaded with the Font Awesome library as SVGs.

Styling Icons and Shapes

Use the Style Panel to customize Icons and Shapes.
Change the fill color of the Shape or Icon
Add padding to the container
Adjust the opacity of the shape or icon
Note: Border and Shadow can only be applied to Containers, not Elements.

Uploading a Custom SVG

In the Icons and Shapes menu, click and upload a custom SVG file.


Common issues reported by users and how to solve them.
How should I export an SVG from a design file (Illustrator, Photoshop, xD, Figma)
Most design tools will allow you to export an element in various formats. This is usually found under a dropdown labeled ' Format' when exporting β€” make sure to select SVG.
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