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Download your project's files as a ZIP
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You can download the HTML file of your project as a ZIP, which you can then drop wherever you need it on the web, such as on your CMS or server. You'll have the option to download your project with all of its assets or have them hosted by Vev so you can slim the file down.

Tip: You need to upgrade to the Professional plan to enable this feature. Learn more about the professional plan and our pricing structure here.

Downloading your project's files

You must publish your project to the staging domain before trying to download your project. Follow the steps below to learn how to download the files of your project.

  • Click the Vev icon on the top left corner

  • Hover over File

  • Select Embed

  • At the bottom, select either Download all or Download without assets

  • Open the ZIP file

Removing the watermark

You can remove the Vev watermark from your project by adding a project plan, which is $5.00 USD/Month. Follow the steps below to learn how to add it.

  • In the editor, click on the cogwheel icon next to the publish button

  • Select Export

  • Click on Add project plan right below the downloading buttons

  • Fill out the billing information and start your subscription

Tip: Read out this article to learn more about Site plans and our pricing structure.

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