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Adding Components from a Library
Adding Components from a Library
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Libraries serve as centralized repositories of components, offering convenient access across your projects and streamlining your design workflow.

Access and browse Libraries

Easily access the Libraries panel by clicking the button below the layers button in the left sidebar. At the panel's top, use the search and filter to locate specific components based on whether they are elements or sections.

Tailor your library view by selecting a single library from the dropdown menu or by using the arrow buttons for opening and closing sub-items within the libraries.

Add to canvas

Preview components by hovering over the cards in the Libraries panel and clicking the information button for more details. You can easily add from a library to the canvas in one of two ways:

  1. Drag the component onto the canvas.

  2. Click on the component and draw it onto the canvas

Types of libraries

By default, you have a variety of libraries available to you:

  • Vev library: This collection offers components made and provided by Vev, ensuring a rich variety of design elements to get you started.

  • Coded components library: Access your custom-coded components created with the CLI. Using the CLI provides custom solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Main components library: Easily access design components created by you or your team here for easy reuse.

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