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How to Access Vev Release Notes
How to Access Vev Release Notes

Choose how you stay up-to-date with the latest Vev feature releases

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Release Note Page

Vev's release note page is a publicly accessible resource that provides updates on recent changes and additions to the platform. It can be accessed from our website's footer, or by clicking on this link:

In-App Widget

You can stay up-to-date with the latest Vev updates by using the in-app release notes widget. To access it:

  • Click the "Vev" icon in the top-left corner

  • Click "Release notes"

And that's it! Here you will find all the latest Vev updates at your fingertips.

Slack Integration

Does your team use Slack as a primary communication tool? Our release note Slack integration could be a great option for you. There's no need to log in to Vev or check the public page — just sit back and Vev updates will come straight to you.

To integrate:

  • Hit "Add to Slack"

  • Choose the workspace you'd like to integrate with

  • Once selected, you'll be asked to choose the destination channel for Vev updates. You can either select an existing channel or create a new one

  • Click "Allow"

Voila! You'll automatically be notified in Slack whenever we make an update or new release.

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