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Figma Import - Missing fonts
Figma Import - Missing fonts

How to complete your Figma design import

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Trying to import your Figma design into Vev and hit the "Missing Fonts" step? This message only appears when your Figma design contains specific fonts that are not yet available in Vev, and it will highlight the specific fonts that are missing.

You have a few options here to continue with your import:

  1. Skip the process of replacing/uploading your fonts

  2. Replace your fonts with alternatives

  3. Upload the missing fonts to Vev

    (NOTE: Custom fonts and Adobe fonts are only available for people on a Professional or Organization plan).

Skip the process

We don’t want to stop you from creating your website just because of a missing font. If you click the “Skip” button, then you will be redirected to the Design Editor and the import will be completed.

Your missing fonts will appear in the font drop-down menu in Vev, but it will be replaced with Source Sans by default. Please adjust your font accordingly!

Replace your font

Clicking the “Replace font” button presents you with several options: you can replace each font with our default font “Lato”, or select another default font from the drop-down menu.

If you can't find a replacement font you like, click “+ More fonts” to browse our fonts library, which contains all Google and Adobe fonts.

Once you've found a font you like, click “Replace” to complete the Figma Import successfully.

Upload missing font

Clicking “Upload font” lets you easily upload your missing font (in our case “Eurostile Extended”) to Vev. Click “Add font files +” and select the missing font from your computer.

If you want to share this font with all users on your account, just hit the indicated toggle. Once uploaded, click “Save”.

Make sure that you upload the exact font you want to use, otherwise your uploaded font will appear under the name of the missing font, which might be confusing during the design process!

Once uploaded, just hit “Next” to finish your Figma Import and be redirected to the Design Editor.


Q: I have accidentally closed the “Missing fonts” dialog, do I have to import my Figma design again?

A: No. We have completed your Figma Import in the background and you should be able to see a newly created project. Please make sure to adjust your fonts in the Design Editor.

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