Vev only charges you for actual usage, which means we prorate payments based on your date of billing.

What happens when I add a new user to my existing account?

If you add a user or a project plan to your account in an ongoing billing period/ subscription, the cost of that user or project plan is added to the next invoice — and a prorated amount for the usage from the current date until the next invoice date is also added.

What happens when I remove a user from my account?

Similarly, if you remove a user or a project plan from your account, we credit you the cost for the remaining time for that user in your current billing period.

What happens if I added a new project plan to my account?

If you added a project plan in the current billing period but removed it the following day in September, the total sum added to your invoice for your project plan would be $0.16 USD in this example. (Note this is just an example, and varying days of the month can affect the actual sum)

Have some trouble? Check out our billing examples for information

Billing Example #1: Adding a new user to your account

You and your colleague sign up for a Professional plan on the 1st of September and you are charged $118 for two Professional Users for the month of September.

You remove your colleague from the account on the 15th of September, which adds a proration adjustment for -$29.50 USD on your account for the month of September.

The User fee was paid in advance and later removed; giving your account a $29.50 USD credit which will be subtracted from the next billing period which starts on the 1st of October.

The total billed this month: $118 USD The total billed next month: $29.50 USD

Billing Example #2: Adding a new project plan

You are running a campaign and have 3 projects created and ready to publish.

One is a website with multiple pages, the other two are landing pages that send the user to your website. You add 3 Vev Standard Hostings and publish your project to 3 separate domains.

You chose to remove the watermark, and an additional (3x)$5/month is added to your Invoice.

After 2 weeks, you remove 2 of the projects and leave your main website still published.

(2x)$2.50 will then be credited to your account for the projects that were removed.

The total billed this month: $10 USD The total billed next month: $5 USD

Example 3:

You are on the Professional plan with one user license fee of $59.00/month and you want to publish another website, without a watermark.

You have already set up your first website in Vev and purchased a project plan for it at USD $ 5.00/per month.

You set up another Vev Standard Hosting and enter the other domain you want to host your next website on, connect your domain to Vev and publish your second project to the Hosting you set up. When publishing, you are asked if you want to add a project plan to remove a Vev watermark.

When adding your second project plan, your next invoice will have an added $5, and there will be an added proration for up to $5 for your usage in the current billing period.

If you added your second project on September the 15th and the first project on September the 1st. The prorated amount would be the time from September the 15th to October the 1st, as in this example, the amount added as proration is $2.50 USD.

The total billed this month: $64 USD

The total billed next month: $71.50 USD

For more information on Billing and to download your past invoices, check out this page

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