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User Consent

Publish legal policies such as cookie consents.

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Cookie Warning

By using this integration, all cookies are automatically enabled when you visit the website. You won’t have the option to individually select or decline specific cookies; they are already pre-selected for you.

You can customize the content of the disclaimer to provide specific details about the usage of the cookies and redirect the user to a specific page. There won’t be a separate window for adjusting your cookie preferences. Additionally, you can customize the colors of the banner to align with your website’s design and branding. The popup bar will only be displayed the first time the user enters the page.

The integration is using Cookie Consent by Osano in the background.


To tailor your Cookie Consent banner to fit your website, follow these simple steps:

  1. Pop-up Message: Enter your personalized cookie message here. If left blank, the warning will default to

  2. Learn More Link Address: Specify the address to which users should be referred when they click "Learn More." By default, users will be redirected to

  3. Read More Button Text: Define the text for your "Read More" button. The default text is "Learn more."

  4. Dismiss Button Text: Personalize the text for your "Dismiss" button. The default text is "Got it!"

  5. Pop-up Position: Choose the position of the pop-up among the top, bottom left, or bottom right of the screen.

  6. Text, Background, and Button Colors: Make your banner blend seamlessly with your website's design by defining matching text, background, and button colors.

CrownPeak (formerly Evidon)

CrownPeak (formerly Evidon) integration includes a JavaScript script for implementing the Evidon Cookie Consent solution on a webpage. Evidon provides tools to manage and display cookie consent banners in compliance with data privacy regulations.


Obtain and enter Evidon ID: You must have an Evidon account and obtain a valid Evidon ID for your website. This ID is required to initialize the Evidon Consent Management Platform (CMP) and track consent preferences for different vendors and categories.

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