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Image Carousel

Learn how to add and customize a sliding gallery of image tiles

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Image carousels are a fundamental tool for displaying multiple images within a limited space on your webpage. They allow you to showcase various visuals in a single, compact area, helping to maintain a clean and organized layout. Image carousels can be used in multiple ways: you might use them to highlight a series of assets, such as product images or portfolio pieces, or as interactive elements that serve as signposts directing visitors to other areas of your website.

Note: If you feel that the Image Carousel doesn't offer enough customization options, we recommend using the Slider component instead. It will enable you to unleash your creativity and tailor it to your specific needs.

Device Breakpoints

Users can uniquely specify the number of tiles to display for each device mode including desktop, tablet, and mobile mode. Double-click the Image Carousel component of your canvas to open the configuration options.

Specify the number of tiles you wish to be visible for each of the listed device modes. Once completed, switch between device modes for desktop, tablet, and mobile to view the layout.

Configuration Options

Once you've added the Image carousel to your canvas, there are a variety of configuration options, including adjusting how many images per breakpoint.
To start, double-click the Image carousel to open the configuration options:




Specify the background image to go in place of the tile's background.


The title for the tile, visible in the topmost dominant position of the tile's content.


Body text for the tile, visible beneath the title text as a sub-dominant piece.

Button Label

The visible text label in the button of the tile.


The target destination of the button.

Number of visible slides per device mode

desktop: the number of tiles visible at a time when viewing on a desktop device.

tablet: the number of tiles visible at a time when viewing on tablet mode.

mobile: the number of tiles visible at a time when viewing on mobile mode.

Number of visible slides per custom breakpoint

the number of tiles visible at a time when viewing on a custom breakpoint


Slides through the image carousel automatically.

Autoplay Interval Speed

The interval for which the carousel pauses before automatically continuing to the next tile in the carousel. (Only when autoplay is ON)

Previous/Next arrow position

The position of the navigation arrow

Loop the carousel

Makes the carousel loop infintely

Surpress animation on hover

Disables the Button appearance on hover

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