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Google Maps

Showcase the location of your business or event

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Help readers locate your business or event by adding Google Maps to your project. Vev's Google Map element is a zoomable map snippet for showing a current or custom set location.

Adding Google Maps in Vev

Styling the Google Maps element

From the styling panel on the right, you can customize the way your Google Maps element looks. First, make sure you've selected it on the canvas.

  • Size: Set your desired dimensions for your Google Maps element

  • Border: Set a border color, opacity, and line weight

  • Border Radius: Curve the radius of the border, make sure to also set the border radius of elements

  • Effects: Add different types of shadows or blur effects (learn more here)

  • Opacity: Set the opacity of the element

Configuration options

Double-clicking the element opens the configuration options. From here, you can add the desired location and the geographic coordinates.




Search and select the address of your location.


Use zoom to select your desired view.

Map type

Choose between Default or Satellite view

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