Using the Typewriter element

Alternate through a list of custom phrases in a mock-typewriter fashion.

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Looking for a gorgeous micro-animation to hold your readers' attention? Bring a bit of print world charm to your digital design with Vev's Typewriter element.

Adding a typewriter element in Vev

Add a typewriter element

  • From the top menu bar, click Add Menu (Shortcut: M)

  • Search for and select Typewriter

  • Click and drag the element onto your canvas

Style the typewriter element

From the styling panel on the right, you can customize the way your typewriter element looks. First, make sure you've selected the Typewriter element on your canvas.

  • Size: Set your desired dimensions for your typewriter element

  • Font Family: Select the font

  • Style: Set the weight of your text

  • Alignment: Set the position of your text

  • Size: Set the size of your text in pixels or ems

  • Line height: Set text line-height in pixels or ems

  • Word spacing: Set the space between words in pixels or ems

  • Letter spacing: Set the space between letters in pixels or ems

  • Color: Set text color

Configuration options

Double-clicking the typewriter element on your canvas opens the configuration options. From here, you can animate the text, set the number of loops, set the update time, and more.



Static before/after text

Display text that is not animated.

Animated text item

Enter the text items that should be animated. Add item to add more text items to the animated sequence.

Update time

Set animation speed. A lower number produces a faster animation.

Number of loops

Set the number of times the animation should repeat. Enter 0 to loop forever.

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