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Publish legal policies such as cookie consents.
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Cookie Warning

If you’re using 3rd party scripts on your website (e.g. tracking tools), you are most likely using cookies. In many regions, you may not load those scripts until the user has consented.

By using this integration, the 3rd party scripts may be blocked until the user has consented to use them.

The integration is using Cookie Consent by Osano in the background.

When you add the integration, their script is added to your page. This will cause a popup bar to be displayed when the user enters your page. The popup bar will only be displayed the first time the user enters the page. You may customize copy, positioning, and colors.

Evidon Plugin

Evidon helps organizations to educate consumers on how and why data is collected, as well as provide consumers with the ability to give and withdraw consent to their data being used.

The technology of Evidon includes monitoring tools for businesses to better understand the impacts their data collection might have on users and serves as a compliance platform to ensure users have access to and control over their data at any point in time, on websites and in apps.

This integration adds Evidon to your page.

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