Managing Integrations from Publish Destinations
In "Publish destinations", you not only get a list of publish destinations connected to your account but also a list of integrations that is installed to each destination point.

How to get an overview and manage integrations

You can access "Publish destinations" either by clicking "project settings" button or "publish" button as shown below.
Click "Show integrations" to get an overview.
This is what each label indicates.
  • Inherits from hosting (in blue): You have saved settings on a hosting level, making it apply to all projects nesting within that hosting.
  • Inherits from workspace (in blue): You have saved settings on a workspace level, making it apply to all projects nesting within that workspace.
  • Disabled (in grey): This integration is currently disabled. Click three dots to enable again.
  • Invalid settings (in red): This integration is currently missing or invalid settings. The project won't publish unless you fill in the settings, or alternatively you can disable the integration temporarily by clicking three dots to select "Disable".
By clicking three dots, you can either edit (i.e. change the settings), remove or disable the the corresponding integration.
Note that you won't see a "remove" or "disable" option for Vev Essentials.

How to reset integrations

In case you would like to override a setting that's been already configured on a hosting or workspace level, you can do so by click "edit" as illustrated below. Here, I am changing a setting (i.e. password) that I have set within the workspace to assign a different password.
If this was a mistake and you would like to undo the change, you can simply click "reset" to go back to the original configuration.

How to add integrations

If you would like to add an integration to a particular hosting destination, you can do so by clicking "Add integrations" that you see in the overview.
Keep in mind that you must fill in valid settings for the integration to come into effect as otherwise you will not be able to publish the project. You can temporarily choose to disable the integration by clicking three dots, and later fill in the settings and re-publish.