How Does It Work?
Before we introduce you to the wondrous world of Vev's integratons, we would like to note that by integrating third-party tools, such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, etc., you are engaging directly with the service providers.
Thus, we recommend reviewing the providers’ Privacy Policy and Terms of Use prior to integrating these services.

How Does Integration Work in Vev?

With integrations in Vev, we adopt a top-down approach where integrations implemented at a hosting level will be applied to workspace(s) and project(s) in a subsequent order.
For example, if you integrate “Google Analytics” onto one of your designated hosting (e.g., all your projects that belong under workspaces within that domain will automatically inherit the same unique Tracking ID that you had initially assigned to the hosting.
Following the same logic of hierarchy, integrations implemented at a workspace level will only affect your projects underneath, and as such, project-level integration only to projects without affecting hosting and workspace integration settings.
The hierarchy of Integrations at Vev

What if I Want to Assign a Different Setting to Workspace or Projects?

Let’s say you would like to assign a different Tracking ID from Google Analytics that you would like to use for a specific Workspace/or Project after you have already integrated Google Analytics onto your hosting.
In this case, you can go to the integrations settings either at your Workspace or Project and assign your target value without overriding any prior settings.
Read more at Integrating from Your Hosting, Integrating from Your Workspace, and Integrating from Your Project to learn how you can install, configure and remove integrations at different levels.
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