Vev Sandbox
Vev gives you the ability to publish your Vev content in a sandbox just so you get to see how it would look like before you decide to go live. It’s super simple to use, and, better still, it’s free and available to all users for all projects.

One step - Open a project and publish it

  • Open a project in the Design Editor or Content Editor
  • Click “Publish” in the top right
  • Click “Publish” corresponding to the link starting with “”
Your project will be published to an auto-generated URL that looks like You can make changes to your project and publish to the same URL multiple times.
Fun fact: “eit” is the Nynorsk (New Norwegian) word for the article “a”, and Vev means the web. In other words, “” means “A web design"🤯

Vev Sandbox vs. Vev Cloud

Vev Sandbox is powered by equally solid infrastructure in comparison to that which makes Vev Cloud possible. Still, keep in mind that Vev Sandbox is meant to be used as a temporary test environment to preview your content, not as a production-ready solution to serve your Vev content.
This means that content published in Vev Sandbox:
  • Has a human-unfriendly URL, such as, which cannot be changed.
  • Is not indexed, meaning that search engines will not be able to find it.
  • Cannot apply Vev plugins.
  • Has Vev’s visual branding.