Workspace Hosting Settings
Workspace settings will always apply to your Hosting wherever it is used by a specific workspace. By default, your workspace will inherit the settings from core (or team, if adjusted) unless you specifically override them. Check out how to adjust Core Hosting Settings or Team Hosting Settings here.
Which settings are available will depend on which Hosting or Integration you are using. Check your relevant Hosting Integrations to see a list of settings you can set on the Workspace level.

Workspace Hosting Plugins

You can toggle on/off or set specific settings for your Hosting Plugins on the workspace level. These settings will be used whenever a project is published to this hosting under a specific workspace.
Go to your Hosting and select the Plugins tab.
Below your Core- and Team Plugins, you will see Workspace Plugins. Here you can click on a specific workspace to change the settings for that workspace, or add settings for a workspace not in the list.
When adjusting Plugins for a Workspace, the WORKSPACE tab will be active inside the Plugin editor. Changes you make here will only affect the currently selected workspace.
You can click on the plugins to add or modify their default values or add plugins specifically for this workspace. Learn more about Hosting Plugins or Configuring your Plugin​
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