FAQ / Troubleshooting
Troubleshoot issues with hosting and publishing.

Page is in-secure

If you are using Standard Hosting, issuing the SSL may take up to 48 hours after correctly configuring the DNS settings for your domain

Content or Page is blocked

If your website/content is being blocked, use the following checklist to fix this.
  • Are you using AdBlock and have attached scripts or 3rd party content which could get flagged by this?
  • When sending the eit.vev.design link via e-mail, some providers could flag this as spam or block the e-mail as they do not recognize the .design TLD

Layout / Styling Issues

If your content does not look correct when embedded into an existing website or platform, you may be required to add the shadow attribute to the Vev tag to prevent Global styles from modifying how the Vev content should appear.
<div class="vev" shadow ... >
As shown here in a projects embed code.

Embedding Issues

If you're experiencing difficulties embedding your project into an existing website, you can download the zip files of your project and copy the HTML as a workaround. Please follow the steps below to learn how to do it.

Step - 1 Create a ''Zip download'' endpoint

  • In the editor, click the publishing button on the top right corner.
  • Click ''Add Hosting Settings''
  • Click ''Create New Hosting''
  • Write your domain (myexample.com)
  • Select ''Zip Download'' as your endpoint type.
  • Click ''Save changes''

Step - 2 Connect your endpoint and download the zip files

  • In the editor, click the ''publishing button'' again.
  • Click ''Add hosting settings''
  • Select the endpoint you created previously (myexample.com).
  • Click ''Add settings''
  • Click ''Publish''
  • Finally, click the download button beside your endpoint.
You will have to click the publish button every time you want to download an updated version of your project.

Step 3 - Get your HTML and embed it

  • Unzip the files and drop them in any folder you want.
  • Open the HTML file and format it. (You can do it at this link).
  • Copy the code that is inside the body tags (<body> </body>).
  • Finally, paste this code on your site.